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On Call ® Express Family

Diabetes Management
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Express II



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Fast and Reliable

•Tiny 0.4 µL sample size

•4 seconds to result

•Clinically proven accuracy

•Audible fill detection reduces wasted strips

Easy to Use

•User friendly design

•Large display with bold numbers

•Auto code calibration circuitry in every strip

•Convenient test strip ejector

Premium Features

•5 Daily test reminders

•Hypo, hyper, and ketone alarms

•7, 14, 30, 60, and 90 day averaging

•Redosing capability within 3 seconds

Express BGMS


On Call Test Strips


  • 24 months from the date of manufacturing

  • 6 months after the test strip vial was opened for the first time

  • Keep test strips in original vial

  • Close the cap on the vial after removing a test strip

  • Store in a cool and dry place

  • Auto Coding – there is no need for code chips or code keys. The calibration is inside the On Call Express blood glucose test strip.

  • 300 Test Memory


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