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Owner and founder, Becca Bryant, started KY Closeouts LLC back in 1997 with the goal of providing and growing businesses with closeouts that they could not get anywhere else. Over the last 20 years KY Closeouts, now KYC LLC has expanded our ideas and goals to serve multiple markets with multiple categories across the globe.


Although we no longer deal in the closeout industry, we continue to bring our experience and determination in distributing new and exciting products. In addition to distributing, we have also launched manufacturing our new skin care line.


At KYC we are a family owned and Biblical based company. We believe in God, family, and country.


When Becca started the company so many years ago, she ran our company on a scripture: Jeremiah 29:11, the same scripture we continue to guide us today. And through that scripture we base our core values, to always trust in the Lord, to lead us to be a light to our fellow man as well as to our clients.


Being family owned and operated means more than just family. Yes, our blood, sweat and tears are in this company, but the clients we bring into KYC become family.


We move forward as one unit in search of a goal to take our clients business to the next level.

KYC capabilities have grown significantly over the years since our founding. With multiple warehouses in Kentucky, as well as New Jersey and a new home office in Bowling Green. KYC serves clients across the nation such as major retailers in the food, drug, mass and dollar channels. In addition, we service government entities and independent pharmacies nationwide.

With EDI Solutions, Warehousing, shipping, sales, marketing, and other solutions available to us, let KYC be your distribution partner of choice today and experience excellence in all aspects of your business.

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